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Why Gold Fell Drastically Last Week and Bitcoin Didn’t

At one point on Monday, Bitcoin was down 4.30 percent from its opening rate at $15,482. Traders who considered the cryptocurrency as their true hedge against the economic meltdown led by the coronavirus lockdowns suddenly felt the need to not holding it. The reason was simple: they thought there won’t be extended lockdowns in the future as they looked into the prospects of having a cure for the COVID-19 pandemic. The Vaccine Bells Those possibilities arose from Pfizer and its partner drugmaker BioNTech. On Monday, the firms revealed that they had obtained a major breakthrough in the COVID-19 vaccine trials, noting it was more than 90 percent effective. Shortly after the claim, the global stock market experienced a frenzied rally. Equities that had lost a lot this year because of lockdowns suddenly rebounded from their record lows. Meanwhile, the so-called “pandemic winners” — tech stocks — plunged heavily. The excitement around the vaccine news was obvious. Its presence meant heave..

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