Cardano Launches Anti-Scam Task Force

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson has announced the formation of an internal action force aimed at countering scammers. This comes as a report from fraud prevention firm Bolster showed cryptocurrency scams almost doubled in 2020. “One of the things we’ve been thinking about is setting up some sort of dedicated body in the Cardano ecosystem that does nothing but builds tools to help people report scams and propagate the knowledge that a scam has occurred.” The Cardano Anti-Scam Task Force Nabs First Case Last month, a frustrated Hoskinson hosted a live stream in which he warned the Cardano community of giveaway scams. He reiterated the point, one made many times before, that he nor Cardano will ever giveaway ADA. “If you fall for this, you will lose your ADA, these are criminals, these are scammers, these are people who are trying to steal from you. Use common f*cking sense. You don’t get something for free. You don’t get something for nothing.” Cardano is now taking an active role ..

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