1 Former Apple Music exec Brooks Ledger

Former Apple Music exec Brooks joins crypto Ledger as head of NFT division

Apple Music veteran Parker Todd Brooks is leaving the company to join Ledger, one of the biggest providers of cryptocurrency hardware wallets.


According to a Friday announcement, Brooks will now head Ledger’s nonfungible token division as the company broadens its assistance for the storage, display screen, management, and security of NFT pieces.

Brooks is joining Ledger after spending the last 7 years with Apple Music, helping launch Apple Music and music radio station Beats 1 after Beats Music was acquired by Apple in 2014. Prior to his role at Beats Music as director of artist integrations, he worked at Topspin Media, leading its integration into Beats Music and Spotify.

In his brand-new position as Ledger’s vice president of NFTs, Brooks will be responsible for bridging the platform with the creative neighborhood and establishing NFT management products. He will likewise make certain that NFTs are “offered top priority across Ledger’s software application and hardware platforms,” Ledger wrote in the announcement.

” I have actually spent my career serving the artist neighborhood. With NFTs there is a chance to reimagine how art and music are produced, tested, and managed while simultaneously dealing with the security issues in storing NFTs on internet-connected gadgets,” Brooks stated. Apple Music veteran noted that his mission will be “simplifying the procedure to assist artists to showcase and manage their digital works, and to safely save them.”

Ian Rogers, chief experience officer of Ledger, told Cointelegraph that securing NFTs is “nothing new for Ledger,” as the company provides a secure way to access accounts on more than 100 different blockchains. “Most NFTs are currently available on Ethereum. To store these NFTs, you need a blockchain account the same way you would store cryptocurrencies. NFTs are just a new type of digital assets,” he said.

A significant provider of hardware wallets designed for protected storage of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ledger has been obviously attempting to stay up to date with the ongoing NFT boom. “With the increased interest in NFTs, we have an increasing demand from our clients for supporting NFTs as a superior citizen within Ledger Live, which Parker and his team will assist us to provide on,” Rogers noted.

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